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Looking for a coaching & consulting specialist?

Clear Ideas is a consultancy that brings real-world experience to support leaders of SMEs in growing their people and organisations.


“Thanks for the chat yesterday Nick, I have a really clear idea about what to do next”.

And that was how it started, an hour with a friend and business owner. I lent her my ears, we worked out a simple plan and I received this grateful message the next day.

I really liked how those two words sounded – clear idea.

So they became a new starting point for me. Having worked for 16 years in a start-up, growing it to a multi-million-pound position and then gradually admitting I was falling out of love with it, I created Clear Ideas to solve a problem that I came across from day one in my business journey:

Finding someone with real business experience who had encountered the everyday problems I was facing and was prepared to listen, understand and help me work through them from an objective perspective.



I look for people who really love what they are doing, and are just a bit stuck, like I was.

Together we look at the current challenges and the possible ones further down the road.

I use a very simple outcome-based framework, focused on listening, understanding and collaboration.


My experience is focused on the areas of business that I enjoy most:





Business Efficiencies


Kind words

Anwen Cooper - MD – Get Fruitful Marketing

“Nick is a straight-talking no-BS business consultant who takes time to really understand your unique situation before generously sharing his wealth of experience and insight and supporting you to find the best way forward.”

Catherine Daw –Partner, Brachers Law

I have found his ability to identify key KPIs and to translate these into an effective business plan and operating systems really beneficial in getting the heart of an issue. He is refreshingly direct in style and delivery.

Stephanie Hague-Evans MCIPD, People Director,

“Nick has sharp commercial instincts and the rare ability to ask the right questions, cut through the crap, and find what is really at play in any given situation. As such, he always gets results and succeeds with what he sets out to achieve.”

Jordan Herbert, Project Manager, The Eventa Group

“It’s not often that you come across a someone like Nick. Nick has spectacular expertise in coaching, strategy and leadership. He is continually looking for new ways to develop individuals and I have personally learnt a so much from partnering with Nick over the past 7 years.”

Chris Meekings CEO Avtura

“If you want your ego massaging, your trumpet blown and to be told what a fantastic business you have and what a great leader you are – then don’t work with Nick; he will tell you the cold blunt truth regardless of whether that’s what you want to hear or not; and you’ll thank him for it, countless times over as he will help you take your business from good to great because knows he not only knows what he is talking about but has lived it too. And as an added bonus he’ll make you laugh and smile along the way.”

Jan-Aage Frydenbo-Bruvoll CEO

It is an absolute pleasure to spend time around Nick, whether in a working or personal capacity. His sharp wit and incisive questioning will quickly lead you to the critical issues that need resolving.

Beth Eager Business Development Lead, Oliver Agency

“Nick guides you through a consultative process of managing your current work issues in a methodical way which allowed me to cut through the noise of overwhelming project work and deadlines.”

Dan Dixon Exhibition Manager, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America

Nick Shuff has been hugely influential in all my recent success and decision making. Easily approachable with a professional method to outline what steps are required and the process necessary to execute them.

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