A Letter About Sales

Eventually you come up against the sales word.


Here’s an email I sent to an incredible creative duo that I consult with, can you relate?

Hi xxxxx

So onto the subject of sales……….

We have to start putting a sales activity into our weekly schedule..
And as well as instigating and incorporating, we need to collate and track.

For the purpose of this exercise I suggest we call it “outreach” which will help us distance ourselves from the grotty end of sales perception.

For outreach to work it has to be a consistent endeavor, it will not deliver us any meaningful results if we are sporadic.

Results that are negative are just as important as positive interactions and as with all areas of business we need to experiment, evolve and learn as we go. Our process will show itself over time through activity, not navel gazing!

In addition, looking at the business objectively and from a broader view, its biggest requirement “right now” is clients. With the end goal in mind this will slowly grow our core objective of REPUTATION!

Unfortunately (!) as the business owners it is your responsibility to satisfy this requirement to allow it to shift onto the next phase –  our new exciting problem further down the line.

And, unfortunately as much as we know this isn’t an area that comes naturally to you, until we find another solution, this is a hat you will have to wear for the immediate future. 

You never know, you might bloody enjoy it!

Anyhoo here are the first steps below to get us going and create discussion for the next meeting…..

Obviously the steps aren’t here, is this what they call click bait, or a call to action? Ah yes, get in touch, let’s talk about sales, your way and the Clear Ideas way…………

All the best