I’m Nick

Who I Am:

I’m Nick, founder/director of Clear Ideas. I spent 16 years as Managing Director of a travel tech start-up and I took the business from conception to an award-winning, multi-million pound, scalable, adaptable business.

Does this read like it was a breeze? It wasn’t. It was more
a series of storms and tornadoes with the occasional
sunny sky.

I’m here now, as Clear Ideas, to help you navigate the inevitable teething problems that’ll make up a large part of your small-to-medium enterprise (SME) experience. My shared knowledge is going to make your life easier.

I found that the major turning point in my career was when I mastered how to meet failure in a positive way: to learn, adapt and move on. Over 16 years of business, I got pretty good at it.

The immense variety of challenges encountered, as I scaled a business from three or four people to, at our peak, 80 staff, are too many and diverse to detail here – but if you can imagine it, we had to deal with it.

I came out of that scenario with a well-rounded, hard-won, tried-and-tested knowledge of how to make a business work, again and again. It’s this knowledge, experience and skill that I now package and offer as Clear Ideas.

What I do:

The question I ask myself as Clear Ideas is… How? How did I do that? How did we do that? What are the secrets I can pass on to those of you embarking, or in the midst of, the same journey?

After a great deal of reflecting and discussing, I came up with one word. Listening.

Listening is key. How else, for example, will we tap successfully into the expertise, experience and guidance of colleagues?

So my offering starts here, with listening.

I listen to what you have to say, at great length, with immense interest and attention. I listen, we plan… and then, we action. It’s bespoke to your business… and it works.

What we’ll do:

Of course, we’ll identify and develop different, specific aspects of your business, infusing
my experience in strategy, sales, team performance, resource allocation, process efficiencies, forecasting, leadership skills and budgeting.

However, even before we get to all that fun stuff, we’ll make sure that I have a true understanding of how you – and your business – tick. (It’s often one and the same thing). We’ll get clear about where we want to head and then we’ll start to set objectives and milestones.

What’s next:

For a free 20-minute Zoom consultation on your SME, please fill in this two-minute form about your business and make an appointment via my digital diary.

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Want to talk about your SME? I’m ready to listen. I look forward to meeting you.


My experience is focused on the areas of business that I enjoy most: