Business and mental health

This is Kim.

He’s taking a 30 minute nap, cos he’s completely knackered.

And instead of cracking on and pretending he’s not, he’s called it and is catching some zzzzs.
Right by where I am working.

Kim is an entrepreneur, but you would never catch him calling himself that, I think he would laugh.

Kim is compelled to build businesses in response to the environment around him.

He follows his passions and turns them into opportunities for others to enjoy.

He can’t help it, it’s what he does.

Kim and I both operate out of the same co-worker space in Brighton, Platf9m. I do what I do, he does what he does. We are on different roads offering-wise but identical trajectories business-wise.

Our paths cross from time-to-time and we help each other out by:

Letting off steam
Letting each other know when something has gone well
Sense checking an email
Thrashing an idea or a concept around
Not disturbing each other when we are busy
Getting a sarnie when one of us is going to the shop
Telling each other to go home
Telling each other to keep going
Listening, listening, listening

I work in a co-worker space because I get to work alongside incredible, passionate people like Kim every goddamn day.

Man, we help each other out, either practically with skills or on our mental health by talking about what we are going through. And I honestly don’t think I could have got Clear Ideas to where it is today without talking regularly, openly and honestly with all the amazing people I share my workspace with.

To be fair I am thinking about flicking Kim’s ear and disturbing his slumber, because that’s what friends do for each other right!?