Business and Wellbeing

I don’t send emails.
I don’t do meetings after 1pm.

They are the base level rules I live by at Clear Ideas

I mean of course I send emails.
And of course I do meetings after 1pm.

But I have to really make sure they are purposeful interactions and don’t compromise my sanity.

I did the opposite of this in my previous business, I had no rules and it invaded every part of my life, and I happily let it.

This time it’s different, I am my business and if I don’t create space I’ll very soon be overwhelmed and things will get, you know, a bit crap.

For me and my clients.

So they are my base level rules in Clear Ideas, no emails and no meetings after 1pm.

They keep me in check and I challenge myself everyday when I think I might need to break them.

Ask yourself what are the baseline rules for you and your business?

What is going to keep you in check and performing at your best when it really matters?