Clear Ideas Values Workshop

I spent a FANTASTIC afternoon working with The Business Creative team on developing and understanding their values!

Values guide the way we do business; they sum up what a business stands for and drive how and why you do things – seriously important, especially if you want to grow your offering.

The thing is it can be tricky to tease the blighters out and if they are not authentic, you can smell it a mile off.

As always, the clues are in the story – and its only until you ask the right questions and really listen that the nuggets begin to reveal themselves

So, we delved deep into the company history to find out what got them here today and how they tackled the success and failures along the way.  

We pushed hard into what made them tick as individuals and a team. The responsibilities they felt to the business and each other and how we could articulate that in simple and powerful terms.

At times it was tough (it’s not meant to be easy!) but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun. And a lot of fun was had, no doubt about it!

It is fair to say we only scratched the surface, but together produced enough material for a first draft to allow us to pin those values down at our next workshop.

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