Decisions decisions decisions

Anyone get absolutely worn-out making decisions all day?

That’s not surprising. We make around 35,000 of the bloody things from the minute we rise to the minute we rest. And that’s just the basic life stuff, not the business stuff.

And of course, a business can’t make its own decisions. It needs you or your teams to make them for it, taking in a variety of signals and reinterpreting those as a reasonable way forward. No pressure. Good decisions only please.

And even worse, a failure to make decisions will only end up sending your business into decline. No pressure. Keep making decisions please, and don’t even think about putting them off, or you know, failure.

You’ll especially know what I am talking about if you are operating a founder led business. Invariably it’s you that has to call it day-in, day out. You are the ultimate decision maker, the buck really does stop with you and especially in the early days, it can be relentless.

But how to put yourself in the best possible position to make “good” decisions? it seems the art is getting it right more often than not, using the results to help inform you for the next set coming down the track.

I can only go on what works for me – I put myself into environments that absolve me from decision making completely.

Example?  Last year I joined a six person outrigger canoe team (hello Hannah). I love it. I have a set job to do (row), I sit in a particular seat and have to keep tempo as set by someone who shouts at me if I don’t. Independent thought is frowned upon. And I am ALL about independent thought!

I don’t have to decide anything. Ninety minutes of decision free bliss. Five minutes in I can feel my brain begin to breathe in time with my body, a rare alignment.

And guess what, after that lengthy reset I feel re-energized and my appetite for decision making feels reinvigorated, not permanently but combined with a nights sleep I’m ready to go again.

Now what the hell should I have for lunch?

All the best