Find Your Business Tribe and Thrive

Why Self-Care and Community are as Important as Profit and Professionalism

When was the last time you had a quiet beer and a proper chat with some business pals or peers that own similar-sized enterprises to yours? If it was within the last four months, I salute you. Directors spend so much time trying to unlock the client, grow the business or tinker with margins that there’s barely any time set aside for self-enrichment.

However, it’s sharing war stories and wins with your peers, I’d argue, that sees you across the line and feeling positive about the long game.

I was guilty of neglecting my self care as a businessman, for sure. Come the weekend I’d either continue to work through the night or I’d bury my head in the beers with my ‘civilian’ pals.

I’ve come to realise that neither of the above is great practice if you want an ongoing, healthy work-life. Advice to Past Me? Make a vow to connect with like-minded business-owners. Being around those who face the same challenges makes you stronger; less lonely and, hopefully, less ‘up yourself’!

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a couple of suggestions:

1. Join a local work hub. I found my tribe at an economical, ethical co-working space in Brighton. It’s a positive, grounded community of great people and I meet someone brilliant every day that I’m there.

2. Online, business meets social at Check out free groups and webinars, make a few Zoom calls and hey presto! A network of supportive contacts. Facebook can also have a bunch of groups that chime with what you’re working on or intersect with your business. Just make sure you follow the group guidelines so you don’t tread on toes.

3. Initiate your own network – and it’s great to start something that’s work-adjacent or completely hobbyist. When you start a business book-club, a volleyball team or a gamer group and it settles into itself organically, truly strong bonds can form. 

I wish you all the best as you establish an authentic and nourishing place in your chosen community. Good luck finding your tribe. Let me know how you get on.