My Dentist Is The Best Businessman I Know

My dentist is called Rishi. He’s the best businessman I know.

My dentist, Rishi, being rad.

At face value, he’s a legit-looking guy at a typical dental practice. When you meet him, though, you realise he’s something a bit special. He’s on point. He’s someone I want to give my money to. I’m happy to see him every time… and he’s a goddamn dentist! Incredible.

What’s Rishi’s magic? I boiled it down to six factors:


No matter what your business, trust is built at the very first meeting; the very first word. Rishi gets this. He takes care to put me at ease from the offset. I never feel like I’m ‘just another patient’. I honestly trust him. In business, if your client trusts you, you don’t have to be perfect – but if your client doesn’t trust you, even ‘perfect’ won’t put your clients at ease.


It’s always the same at Rishi’s. Same pleasant surroundings, same quality chat, same excellent delivery, same clear after-care instructions. It makes me feel safe. Execs who regulate themselves and put their customers’ comfort before their own dramas are like gold-dust.


I love Rishi’s humour. He’s a genuinely funny guy and he’ll remember things you’ve joked about from the last visit. But I had a lightning bolt recently that he and I might not actually have a unique comic bond – it’s simply that Rishi’s perfected the art of getting along with everyone. Meet your customers where they’re at; unlock each one as you go – and it’ll help you weather those inevitable relational
sticking points.

Attention to Detail

Rishi’s room is next-level. He has ambient lighting and relaxing visuals. He plays great tunes and he’ll ask you about your favourite music. Next time you visit, he’ll be playing it. Try to hold your business to a certain standard (without getting too bogged down in minutiae). It gets easier with practise.

Clear Communication

I notice how Rishi talks to me calmly through the whole procedure and updates me as he goes. I love this. If you want clients to come back, keep them in the loop. The fewer gaps or surprises, the better.

The Extra Mile

The day after my first appointment, a card fell on my mat. It was a handwritten note from Rishi that he’d sent to my home. It made me feel valued and definitely a bit special. I’m not special! He does it for all his patients, no question. That’s why he’s the best.

And the one that got away… Timekeeping

No-one’s perfect – not even Rishi – so if I had to hand out one note? His timekeeping is off. When you’re in his care, your appointment will run over by five or ten minutes. This is because he wants to make everything work and puts you at the centre of that process. The clients in his waiting room might not get that though – until it’s their turn. Then they forgive him because they truly understand why.

But my tip is, if your timekeeping is off, either tighten up in that department or be honest with your clients and yourself from the off about the timescale. Does it honestly feel too long for the job? Don’t worry. If you’re all of the above, your clients will stick with you. Even if you’re a dentist.