Why is it important?


It gives you the opportunity to think differently…


…And ensures that you and your team explore ideas…


…Which enables you to face challenges positively…


…Providing a launch pad for leadership vision, strategy, and key improvements

The Clear Idea

Five years ago I began working with my business coach – and I’ve never looked back. I’m not actually sure how I managed previously without one and I’m 100 percent sure I’ll always work with one in the future.

My coach helped me make sense of the complex business I was running at the time and helped me understand the benefit of coaching people and teams to succeed, rather than simply ‘managing’ them.

That son of a gun inspired me and encouraged me to become a business coach myself – so here I am today.

I am an AOEC qualified Executive Coaching Practitioner who is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

I use my coaching experience in its purest sense in 1-2-1 engagement. It also helps me create the best outcomes for the other Clear Ideas core consulting service of Growth and Efficiencies.

I truly believe that to ask great questions, engage in active listening and allow space for others to think is the only way to help businesses achieve their desired outcomes.

Questions to ask yourself…


How much time do I spend working on, rather than in, the business?


If I’m not thinking about the future of the business, who is?


What do I wish I had more time to do?


What areas of the business do I enjoy the most?

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