Why is it important?


Fixed costs invariably rise


Ability to attract new talent


It can increase your profits


Ability to weather downturns

The Clear Idea

My last job was to help a company to grow from an idea to a £10 million plus position.

Opportunities were costed, processes refined, strategies developed, and people put in place.

It was fair to say as a company we got pretty good at it. Indeed, we landed ourselves on the Virgin FastTrak 100 in two separate years.

It was exciting, risky, fun, addictive, chaotic, organised, sometimes essential, sometimes ego-driven, challenging, scary but always ultimately rewarding.

Growth in some form should always find a place in your business strategy. It doesn’t always have to be a huge, aggressive “thing”, it can be incremental, measured, and gradual. But it must exist. Failure to omit it from your planning is effectively forcing your business into decline.

My job is to work with you to understand exactly what this word means to your business, identify what is realistic, how we apply it to your model, and agree what is required to get there.

PS there’s no harm in changing the word grow to improve………..

Questions to ask yourself


Why do you want to grow?


What are the costs attached to this phase?


Do we have the processes in place to deal with the growth?


What are the risks involved, could we pre-mortem this?

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