Operational Efficiencies

Why is it important?


Increases the bottom line


Improves customer / team engagement


It’s essential for raising finance


Gives you exposure to new technology

The Clear Idea

“We’re going to grow this sucker and take over the world.”

And then you don’t. And things just get messier and messier and messier.

But who cares, you’re growing right, that’s what business is all about, right?!?

Creating operational efficiencies in your business ain’t the most glamorous of tasks and won’t get you on the cover of Time magazine – “Business reduces clicks from 8 to 5, planet astounded”.

What it will do however is, unlock the ability to scale, save on resources, increase customer satisfaction, allow you to onboard staff more effectively and create a sound base on which to develop future strategy.

Racing car teams don’t shorten the track to improve their times, they look under the hood.

Questions to ask yourself


Have we asked our customers how easy it is to work with us?


What job do the teams hate the most and why?


What off-the-shelf systems are available that we could use?


What have we “always done that way”?