Space travel and business investment

Anyone know that the laptop you are probably gawping at now was realised by adapting technology to fit onboard the Apollo spacecraft?

Nope me neither.

Wireless headphones, artificial limbs, memory foam, the camera phone – all there because of the quest to investigate the sprawling cosmos. All happy accidents that now enhance our everyday lives (or do they?).

I now know this as I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Katherine Courtney as part of Start Up Grinds Fireside Chat series hosted by Kristina Pereckaite.

Katherine is the former CEO of the UK Space Agency and has spent her life focusing on creating efficiencies and growth via technological advancement. As such she was drawn to the space exploration sector and found herself in one of the most fast paced and investable technology markets in the world.

It is well known to investors and big business that a single transformative technology shift can spark new eras of modernization, and this happens a lot when trying to contend with space, it’s pretty bloody hostile out there.

And due to decentralisation and privatisation this sector is absolutely thriving, especially in the UK.

Unfortunately finding aliens is the last thing on investors’ minds!