#StartUp Grind event

You’ve probably heard the following words rattled around in the media and your general reading: Web 3, NFT, crypto, DOA, blockchain, decentralised data architecture, etc.

But what the bloody hell do they mean? What is this crazy talk?

And what are the implications of this gobbledygook on our everyday lives?

And should we care?

These were some of the questions tackled at the latest Startup Grind event hosted by Pranath Fernando, focusing on the Future of The Internet. Pranath was joined by Daniel Ospina, Maddy Bergen and Milo Bowman all of which have experience and overwhelming enthusiasm in this current technical evolution.

I found myself feeling lost at times because you know, if you want acronym overload (AOL) new innovations in technology and thinking, are the place to go get them. And they were there in the bucketload.

And let’s be honest, trying to simplify the future of anything is hard enough yet the Pranath and the panel deftly handled the situation, picked apart the headlines, simplified concepts and managed them into workable practicalities.

An evening well spent!