“I feel that you really help me get clarity on what I need to focus on. I often come into the session feeling a bit rudderless or overwhelmed with lots to do and you help unravel that until we get to one or two core items that I need to focus my attention on – a great sounding board!”

Amanda Hancox

‘It’s not often that you come across a someone like Nick. Nick has spectacular expertise in coaching, strategy and leadership. He is continually looking for new ways to develop individuals and I have personally learnt a so much from partnering with Nick over the past 7 years.’


‘If you want your ego massaging, your trumpet blown and to be told what a fantastic business you have and what a great leader you are – then don’t work with Nick; he will tell you the cold blunt truth regardless of whether that’s what you want to hear or not; and you’ll thank him for it, countless times over as he will help you take your business from good to great because knows he not only knows what he is talking about but has lived it too. And as an added bonus he’ll make you laugh and smile along the way.’


‘It is an absolute pleasure to spend time around Nick, whether in a working or personal capacity. His sharp wit and incisive questioning will quickly lead you to the critical issues that need resolving.’


‘Nick guides you through a consultative process of managing your current work issues in a methodical way which allowed me to cut through the noise of overwhelming project work and deadlines.’


‘Nick Shuff has been hugely influential in all my recent success and decision making. Easily approachable with a professional method to outline what steps are required and the process necessary to execute them.’


‘Nick is so talented and everything I could have hoped for in a business coach. He’s helping me unlock my potential as a new freelancer, particularly by giving me the confidence to keep thinking big and chase success. Thanks Nick!’

Marie O’shepherd, Art Director and Book Design 

‘Having worked with Nick for the last 7 years whilst he was at the Eventa Group I have found him to be a very energetic and effective business leader. In my experience he has always been able to build and retain strong, loyal teams through even the most challenging circumstances and then develop effective strategies for those teams to follow’

Sam Turnbull, Marketing Director 

‘Nick & I have been professional associates for over 20 years, however it’s in the last 2 that our relationship has elevated itself to a new level, along with my career and it is my absolute pleasure to share my experience of the coaching we have done together for those who think they may benefit also.

I found myself returning from an 18 months career-break, in a new role for a multi-million turnover business, with a need to get up to speed, fast. Even before Day 1, Nick was instrumental in my success in doing so. Our initial discovery conversation got to the heart of my personal objectives, what my challenges were and the personal blockers in play that we could be rid of quickly.

Offering no-nonsense, socratic guidance and championing my efforts as we went, whilst continuously crafting how our coach/coachee relationship, Nick was able to literally clear my path (“Get out of your own way, Rob!”) so I could focus on those critical first 90 days.

I’m delighted to report that Nick’s support, with clear defined boundaries of when to call/not call; I was able to take charge of my future, survive not only those first 90, but thrive & be instrumental in contributing to my new companies success, being awarded The Sunday Times #1 fastest growing company in the UK 2019.

This was a team effort, and Nick’s consultative approach, getting ‘It’….getting ‘Me’ I will be forever grateful for, and look forward to where our learning & growth focused journey will lead next.’

Rob Elgood, Head of Sales,

‘Nick has helped me find focus and clarity on my project, I’m excited about it again! Nick hasn’t just offered coaching, his business experience means the questions Nick asks don’t just encourage me to find the right answer but help point me in the right direction’

Tadgh White – Founder