Thank You: The Simplest Two Words For Engagement

“Thank you!”

Followed by a couple of hundred words that were completely relevant to them and the year that had passed.

We had 40 employees at this point so it took some time and a fair bit of preparation (365 days of listening actually).

I wanted the team to know that I had paid attention. That their work had not gone unnoticed, whatever their role and no matter their tenure in the business. But also that I had truly listened whenever they shared information about their personal lives with me too.

 So I sat down and wrote everyone a personal note that started with “thank you”.

The first few weeks of the New Year I received around 30-35 replies back, all surprised to receive my email, but all positive that they had been acknowledged, seen and heard.

It was a great start.

And undoubtedly one of the simplest and most effective pieces of engagement work I had ever done.Thank you!

Happy New Year!