The Forward-Thinking Mindset For Business Strategy

“How’s Clear Ideas going Nick?”

“It’s going well, I am just working out what the first person I take on will be doing”

“Bloody hell that’s great, you’re taking someone on already?!?”

“Actually no, but if I don’t start working it out, it will never happen, and I’ll be swallowed up”

The week leading up to Christmas and into the New Year the population goes into a self-imposed work coma. It’s like 10+ days of 4pm on a Friday – not worth starting anything, not worth finishing anything either.

I find this a great time to get my sh*t together work wise, do a bit of retrospection, rumination, navel gazing – the pressure is off externally and I can genuinely take stock of where things are going.\

In this vacuum, the question I kept coming back to was:

“If someone turned up tomorrow and offered to work at Clear Ideas for free, what tasks could they take off of me?”

Not a lot actually – turns out I am so wrapped up in my business, I am the business and the business is me. The very same problem I work with many of my clients on!

And believe me this is a problem, a problem for:

My ability to remain sane.
My ability to be sick (it does happen).
My ability to take a holiday.
My ability to take time off between Christmas and New Year(!)
My ability to work on the business rather than in it.
My ability to deliver my vision.
My ability to remain sane.
My ability to remain sane.

What to do? Take action, take a look over the horizon, that’s what.

So I’ve spent the last week analyzing all of my recent business interactions, and forcing them into two sections:

Process Applicable – document
Process Inapplicable – force one

It was an uncomfortable exercise (which to me says, useful). The “process applicable” column was pretty bare, the other one bursting!! But it was a start. More importantly it showed me there was a lot of work to do if I was to hypothetically consider bringing someone on board by the end of 2022. So this question evolved and crawled its way up to position number one on my, 2022 Key Business Objectives.

Create a job description for my first employee – deadline June 31st 2022

Now I’ve written it down, my brain will go to work on it both subconsciously and consciously. I am priming it and it won’t be able to help itself.

One way or another between us, we will come up with a solution. And by working on the solution my brain and I will be able to solve other related issues along the way. It’s a win win.

Anyway, for good or bad, sanity or insanity, that’s what I’ve been cooking up over this festive period, and that’s how I am going to shift Clear Ideas up a notch in 2022.

All the best,