The Magic Formula For Business Success

What’s The Secret That Will Carry You to Victory?

Ahhh… business. We love it. A living, abstract machine with endless, moving, interlinked parts which, when primed correctly, will magically sing and whirr like a thing of beauty – and, with a bit of luck, occasionally drop a wodge of cash out the other end.

But how do you corral all these elements and make your business do its thing? What’s the secret?

My clients want the answer to this question. They say to me: “Nick! Hand me the secret equation! Tell me the answer! Give me that magic formula!”

I met a prospective client recently for a coffee. I’d been recommended to him, which is always a nudge in the right direction. I deliberately tend not to research a person or business prior to the first meeting. It makes me more attentive and inquisitive in that first hour. My radar is fully engaged. Besides, not everything you read on the internet is representative of ‘right now’, and that’s what I’m there for: the ‘right now’ of their situation.

He talks, I listen. We get round to how I’ll go about ‘solving’ his situation.

I explain how I work; he looks at me puzzled.

“Sounds a bit vague”, he says, dubious.

This client wanted the answer straight away. He wanted me to hand him a solution. What I was offering him, though, was support in creating a path that will lead him to work out the answer – which would take a fair bit longer and require a lot more commitment on his part.

I recently read ‘Relentless: Secrets of the Sporting Elite’ by Alistair Brownlee MBE. It’s a fascinating exploration of what makes a winner. One of the takeaways for me is that, by and large, the ‘required end result’ of these sports stars’ efforts (in their case, a win at an event) is decided almost entirely by the work they put in for weeks, months and years prior to that moment.

Brilliant Russian army tactician Alexander Suvorov said: “Train hard, fight easy; train easy and you will have hard fighting.”

A sportspersons’ – or army’s – or business person’s, for that matter – solution isn’t delivered on the day. It’s earned with time and effort, practise and persistence… weeks, months or years in advance. Keep showing up. Play the long game. Train hard, fight easy.

Wild card-turned-Grand Slam tennis star Emma Raducanu made this summer’s US Open win look effortless, but she’s been playing since she was five years’ old and has a range of sports prowess and training under her belt. The fact that she makes it look easy is a tiny percentage of it.

Why would business be any different?

So if you’re excited to learn about the ‘magic formula’ for success, my answer, respectfully, is: there isn’t one. There’s only your time, your dedication, your relentless optimism and drive. I’m not here to make it easy; I’m here to help you find your mojo, understand your business and your way of working; to give you some guidance from my own hard-won experience. I’m a trainer and, like an equivalent of the above-mentioned sporting elite, I want to turn you into a member of… well, if not the ‘business elite’, then certainly the business-savvy.

Let me know where you want to excel. I’m here to listen.