What matters to you in business?

This is just the best! What an amazing start to the day.

A gift from one of my clients, completely out of the blue and unexpected!

I set Clear Ideas up as a reaction to my 16 years in high turnover business.

I was done with smashing the millions in the company bank account and managing leadership teams.

I loved it, but I was done.

I wanted to do something small scale, hugely impactful and something I could be proud of.

I now offer experience-based consulting and facilitate high impact, fun workshops around key business issues.
I only work with passionate and purpose driven people and companies.

And I love it and I am far from done!

What’s in the box, it doesn’t matter, it’s all the proof I need that I am on the right track.

(it’s beer, it’s obviously beer, it says so on the side)