Why Do You Need A Business Consultant?

Before we answer ‘What IS a business consultant?’, let’s be clear on why you might need one. 

After all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already happily on your business path and doing quite well, thanks very much, Nick. Fair point. Why the heck would you need the services of a business consultant if everything’s hunky dory? Sounds a bit redundant – not to mention pricey.

Well, no matter how successful you are, there inevitably comes a time in your business cycle where the challenges you face outpace your skill set. And when you’re just starting out, as so many of my clients are, there’ll be times when you find yourself at a loss.

Let me be clear, though: admitting you don’t have a clue what to do next isn’t failure. In fact, admitting it is really positive.

The more entrepreneurial of you will see a big challenge as a new problem in a long list of problems; another mountain to climb. You’ll be reaching for your boots, rope and crampons, whatever the weather.

However, if you’re keeping a firm grasp on your business objectivity (and I suggest you do) you’ll be aware that, on occasion, tackling a big problem just isn’t possible or appropriate.

On the one hand, you can see that the cost of not addressing the problem is high. It’s a bump in the road that’s holding everything and everyone else back. However, to try to solve the problem and get it wrong could have an adverse effect on everything.

It’s a house of cards and you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You know you have to deal with the issue but to do so and get it wrong will cost you big.

Voilà! My friend, you’ve just hit Business Consultant O’Clock.

A business consultant is someone with a very specific set of skills, to solve a very specific set of problems that would undoubtedly scupper your business. I’m an expert in the leisure sector and creativity market. And I’m talking about any number of issues, such as growth and expansion hiccups, financial screw-ups or internal character clashes… the kinds of issues that only bitter experience (I’ve had a lot of that!) can give you a good guiding hand on.

Any business consultant is expert in their field: your problems are all they look at, week in week out. They know the fastest way in and out of the situation; the quickest way up and down the mountain.

If a situation in YOUR business becomes problematic – and especially if it becomes part of your business landscape, get a business consultant in and get them to work.

I will meet with you for free to discuss your business challenge. Maybe we’ll end up working together; maybe I’ll just recommend the best rope type for you. Either way, I’m here to help.